Kinzey & Day Qualitative Market Research was incorporated in 1996, but the two principals, Reyn Kinzey and Becky Day, have a combined 50 years of experience in market research.  Together, we have conducted thousands of focus groups and one-on-one interviews. We have worked together for the last twenty years.

We believe that the combination of our backgrounds gives us a unique perspective on market research: Both of us have worked in traditional, full-service market research firms. However, Ms. Day has also worked on the corporate side of market research, and holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing, while Mr. Kinzey holds advanced degrees in English and has 20 years of experience in publishing, editing, and teaching in universities and colleges. This combination of business and academic background, together with our years of experience, allows us to approach each new research problem with creativity and spontaneity, while assuring that we stay grounded in sound research methodology and practical business sense.  Finally, we communicate our conclusions and recommendations in clear, concise, and actionable ways.